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Pocket-Sized National Park Planned in Sipoo

The government is proposing the establishment of a new national park in Sipoo, just east of Helsinki. At just under 2,000 hectares, the Sipoonkorpi Park would be much smaller than the 35 existing national parks.

Sipoonkorpea talviasussaan.
Image: YLE / Ville Mättö

The fragmented area would include a present state nature conservation area and the Hindsby area, which is now used by the Finnish Defence Forces. The FDF would retain the right to restrict use of the area.

The area includes parts of the municipalities of Sipoo, Vantaa and Helsinki -- which caused controversy last year by appropriating some land from its sparsely-populated rural neighbour Sipoo.

The park is aimed at meeting recreational needs and protecting its rocky forest landscape and wildlife, which includes lynx and elk. It would also relieve some of the pressure on the capital region's other national park, the much larger Nuuksio area in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti.

The government aims to significantly expand the area in the future by swapping land with the City of Helsinki and private landowners.

Sources: YLE

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