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Muslims Need More Space

Helsinki’s Muslims are running out of places of worship as their numbers grow. Currently, Finland has just one official mosque.

About 60,000 Muslims reside in Finland, most of them in the capital area. Shia and Sunni practitioners go to separate places to pray, as do people of different nationalities.

The existing premises of the Islamic Society of Finland in downtown Helsinki are growing too small. However, a new location has not yet been found.

The Shia community Resalat faces a similar problem as their premises in Helsinki's Laajasalo district are not only insufficient in size, but the building is also under the threat of destruction. New and bigger facilities are being renovated for them in Mellunkylä, an eastern subirb, with better praying and office spaces.

Finland’s only official consecrated mosque is located in Järvenpää, some 40 kilometres north of Helsinki.

Sources: YLE

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