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Psychological Testing Popular Part of the Weeding Process in Finland

At least 250,000 people in Finland undergo psychological testing annually, reports the newspaper Turun Sanomat.

Image: Juha-Pekka Inkinen / YLE

However the number could actually be much higher as the fresh research did not include testing on conscripts or applicants to educational institutions.

Individuals in Finland suffer more often from memory problems and depression than people in other countries. Perhaps that's why Finland uses controversial personality tests, like the Rorschach test, much more frequently than other countries. Nearly 300 tests are in use in Finland. However not all of the tests fulfil the requirements of a psychological exam.

Taina Kuuskorvi, one of the researchers responsible for the study, says there is no problem with the wide variety of tests. However she says they need to be administered more carefully.

A total of 1,777 members of the Finnish Psychological Association responded to the survey.

Sources: Turun Sanomat, YLE

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