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Finland's Refugee Quota Will Remain the Same

Finland will take in 750 refugees this year, according to a government working group. The number hasn't changed from last year.

The quota will be filled by 250 Myanmar refugees in Thailand, 250 Iraqis and Iranians in Turkey and Syria, and 150 Congolese refugees in Rwanda.

The quota will also include 100 refugees whose cases are seen to require urgent action. Additional refugees from one group may also be taken if the quota imposed on another group is not fulfilled.

Finnish officials interview refugees in order to determine who can stay in the country. This year, refugee interviews will begin in the spring. Proposals from the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, are the basis for refugee selection. In urgent action cases, interviews are not given, and refugees are chosen based on documentation of their case.

Typically, people who are thought to be in life threatening situations make up urgent action cases. Other examples include those threatened with violence or refugees in acute need of medical attention.

Last year around 100 refugee spots were not filled. Those places will be filled this year by refugees from Myanmar and urgent action refugees.

Sources: YLE

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