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Red Cross Launches Hunger Campaign

The Finnish Red Cross (FRC) launches its Operation Hunger Day fundraising campaign Thursday. Thousands of Finnish volunteers will collect donations through Saturday. This year, the campaign is aimed at preventing the ill effects of climate change. The FRC says more aid is necessary due to increasing environmental disasters like floods, storms and drought. Aid is needed particularly in East and West Africa, which have been devastated by torrential rains and floods. As many as one million people have been displaced there due to the disaster. The FRC said that the money raised can be used for swift care of victims of catastrophes. The faster they receive help, the more likely long-term problems will be prevented. For example, flood victims in Pakistan have been treated by Finnish nurses and doctors. A health clinic sent from Tampere has already cared for over 6,000 patients. YLE Operation Hunger Day

FRC Phone Donations: 0600 12220 (19.95 euroa / call + LNP)

FRC Account Numbers: Nordea 221918-68000 Sampo 800019-225005 Okopankki 578007-111649 Aktia 405511-11397 Suupohjan Osuuspankki 473047-230189 Handelsbanken 313130-1199025

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