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Finnish Schoolchildren Top PISA Study Again

Finnish schoolchildren have again come out on top in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) of the OECD. According to initial results of the most recent PISA study, Finnish 15-year-olds scored best in a comparison of 57 countries in a survey focusing on knowledge in the natural sciences, and in the application of knowledge in solving everyday problems.

In 2004, Finland came in first in mathematics, literacy, and science.

Coming in second and third right after Finland were Hong Kong and Canada. Among Finland's neighbours, Estonia came closest to the top, coming in fifth place. Sweden is in 22nd place, Denmark is number 24, and Norway finished 33rd.

The result is in line with previous PISA studies. In one study from 2004, Finland scored highest among OECD countries in all three areas under comparison - mathematics, literacy, and science.

Finnish scholastic results were judged as excellent already in the first PISA study in 2001. However, the studies themselves differ in focus in the various years, so comparisons are not easy to make.

The full study is to be made public on the fourth of December. Initial results were made public now because some of the results were leaked by a Spanish newspaper.

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