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Sugar Beet Farming To Continue In Finland

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), the Central Union of Swedish-speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland (SLC) and the sugar manufacturer Sucros Oy on Tuesday reached agreement on sugar beet production and sugar refining.

The seven-year agreement includes transport arrangements, a profit distribution table, and production quota dealing among farmers.

The MTK and SLC have scheduled an advisory referendum for farmers and a public information event in southwest Finland for January 9th.

Dealing in production quotas among farmers will be possible, starting in 2009. Sucros has shifted part of the Finnish quota back to the European Commission under the terms of the Restructuring Fund, reducing the need for land under cultivation in sugar beet.

Farmers at longer distances from the Sucros plant will be encouraged to voluntarily give up sugar beet production.

Sources: YLE

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