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Metal Band to Represent Finland in Eurovision Contest

Finland is to try its luck in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with another heavy metal number. The metal band Teräsbetoni won the Finnish finals on Saturday night, edging out a traditional crooner and a disco act. Watch Teräsbetoni's performance.

Teräsbetoni came away with 38.9 percent of the vote with their song, "Missä Miehet Ratsastaa" (Where the Men Ride). Sixty-two-year-old stage veteran Kari Tapio placed second with 33.9 percent, while a dance number performed by peroxide-blonde singer Cristal Snow came in third with 26.5 percent.

Three qualifying rounds were held. Two songs were selected from each round to compete in the finals, while the passed-over performers competed once more amongst themselves for a wild-card ticket to the finals.

Teräsbetoni will compete against other European performers in May at the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sources: YLE

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