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All New Mall Construction Under Review

Minister of Housing Jan Vapaavuori has ordered a report on all the country's large shopping mall construction projects.

Minister Vapaavuori of the conservative National Coalition Party says he is not trying to prevent the building of new shopping malls.

However, he has expressed opposition to the construction of the controversial IdeaPark mall in Vihti on environmental grounds and stated that he intends to prevent it from being built. Vapaavuori also now says that a construction project planned for Pieksämäki may also be re-evaluated.

Both projects are led by millionaire developer Toivo Sukari, who was recently revealed to be a major donor to the campaigns of Centre Party Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and others.

The newspaper Kaleva reports that Vapaavuori has asked for reviews from all of Finland's regional environmental agencies on any such projects in their districts.

Vapaavuori intends the present the results of his findings in the autumn.

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