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Lapland: Autumn Bookings Up, Autumn Foliage Pale

Resorts in Lapland expect large numbers of tourists even though the biggest autumn draw, the colourful foliage, is predicted to be less vibrant than normal.

Major holiday resorts at Levi and Ylläs in Finnish Lapland report more advance autumn holiday bookings than last year. The main appeal of a post-summer holiday in the far north is the short-lived, but vivid colours of the natural surroundings.

However, according to Risto Jalkanen, a researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute, the autumn foliage won't be as vibrant in colour this year as in years past. He says the cold and rainy summer will diminish the colours.

Because of the poor summer weather, trees in the north were unable to store up the energy that is needed to produce the usual display. In addition, many groundcover plants are suffering from the effects of fungal growth brought on by wet weather.

Even so, autumn in Lapland will not be all grey. Jalkanen says that despite poor conditions, many birch trees will be a colourful sight again this year.

Sources: YLE

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