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Archaeological Dig Unearths Iron Age Grave Site

Archaeologists from the National Board of Antiquities have discovered ancient graves and objects from the Iron and early Middle Ages near Mikkeli, a city in south-eastern Finland.

Arkeologeja kauvauksilla Keskellä hauta, jonka takana näkyy muiden hautojen jättämiä värjäymiä.
Tuukkalan kaivausten haudat näkyivät ensin värjäyminä maassa. Image: Museovirasto

Archaeological excavations at the site found human bones, fragments of silver clasps, bronze buckles and a knife. Archaeologists say the objects seem to date from between 1000 to 1200 AD.

Archaeological research at the site, which is set to be developed for the construction of a municipal heating network, will continue through mid-September.

Archaeologists were very surprised by the find, as they had believed the Tuukkala site had been thoroughly investigated.

An archaeological find was last made in the area in 1938.

Sources: YLE

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