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Youth Foundation Chair Steps Down

Centre Parliamentarian Antti Kaikkonen announced on his blog on Tuesday that he will step down as chair of the Youth Foundation.

Kansanedustaja Antti Kaikkonen eduskunnan  käytävällä toimittajien ympäröimänä.
Image: YLE

Kaikkonen said he just recently learned the scale of which the Youth Foundation, under the direction of former managing director Jorma Heikkinen, had supported the election campaign of Jukka Vihriälä, the chair of Finland's Slot Machine Association. The gaming association is a major supporter of the Youth Foundation. Vihriälä stepped down from his position on Tuesday.

Heikkinen also resigned on Tuesday from the foundation's board.

Heikkinen served as managing director of the foundation through the summer of 2007. The current managing director is Seppo Pyykkönen. Kaikkonen said Heikkinen should have considered the implications of the campaign financing more carefully.

Kaikkonen added that, as chair, he should have done a better job monitoring the foundation. He added he was unaware of how much funding had been provided.

The Youth Foundation is expected to select a new chair in the near future.

Chair of Slot Machine Association Quits over Funding Furor

Sources: YLE

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