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Phishing Attempts Using Fake Police Email

The first ever attempts by Internet scammers to replicate Finnish police emails to trick the unwary into revealing credit card information were seen on Monday.

Ruutukaappaus hiujausviestistä
Image: F-Secure / YLE Uutiset Grafiikka

Scammers used fake emails purporting to be from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to lure addressees into providing credit card details.

"Elsewhere it is common to use the names of well-known organizations to fish for data. This is apparently the first time in Finland that the police has been used. At least, I have no information of anything like this being seen before," says Inspector Timo Laine of the NBI.

He also pointed out that the police and banks never request sensitive information by email.

The new attempt came to light on Monday afternoon. The email, written in good Finnish, requests the addressee for credit card information needed to cancel a card that has supposedly been misused.

The matter is being investigated by the NBI.

Sources: YLE

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