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Russian Diplomats Top Parking Scofflaw List

Most diplomats fail to pay parking tickets in Helsinki, reports the free daily Metro. Russian diplomats are responsible for the largest number of unpaid fines.

Image: YLE / Jani Aarnio

As of late September, 108 tickets had been slapped on cars with "CD" plates registered with the Russian Embassy. None had been paid, according to Metro.

The paper adds that last year, more than 100 fines were left unpaid by Russian Embassy staff.

At the other extreme, US diplomatic vehicles have incurred 16 parking tickets this year. All but one of these fines have been paid. Last year 18 fines were paid out of 22 imposed on American Embassy vehicles.

According to Embassy spokesperson Anne Laanti, US diplomats pay for their parking tickets out of their own pocket, and no disciplinary measures have been needed. Russian Embassy press secretary Irina Naletova declined to comment on the matter.

Overall only about 10 percent of fines placed on CD cars are paid in an average year.

Altogether more than 600 tickets have been written out for illegally parked diplomatic cars this year, of which around 80 have been paid. The City of Helsinki lost out on more 21,000 euros in unpaid fines in the first three quarters of the year.

The second-largest offender so far this year is South Korea, which collected 42 tickets in the first nine months of the year, up from around 15 during the same period last year.

Sources: Metro, YLE

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