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4G Spectrum Auction Nets Nearly 4mn Euros

Licenses have been sold for 4G phone services in Finland’s first spectrum auction. Four service providers received licenses in a five-day auction that pocketed 3.8 million euros for the state.

Nokian kännyköitä kaupassa.
Image: YLE

The four were TeliaSonera, DNA, Elisa and Pirkanmaan Verkko, which represents the Finnet group.

4G phone network interests service operators as it allows them to offer consumers pictures with a much sharper definition.

Finland’s first spectrum auction yielded far less than similar events in other Nordic countries. First a spectrum auction in Norway netted 25 million euros while another in Sweden raised 230 million euros.

Elisa placed the highest bid of 834,700 euros. The company, the biggest Nordic communications service provider, now claims Finland's most comprehensive 3G network.

However, one bidder, the Cyprus-based Wimax Financial Ltd, failed to reach the minimum bidding threshold. WML operates primarily in Eastern Europe.

The outcome of the spectrum auction stills requires government approval. Licenses are granted for a period of 20 years. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority officiated as auctioneer at the spectrum auction.

Sources: YLE

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