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Supreme Court to re-open Ulvila murder case

The high court agreed on Wednesday to reconsider a notorious six-year-old murder case following bizarre new allegations.

Anneli Auer
Anneli Auer Image: Yle

A day earlier, prosecutors claimed a man who was murdered in December 2006 may have been killed as part of a satanic worship ritual.

The case has been making headlines in Finland ever since the man was found dead at his family home in Ulvila, near Pori.

In November 2010, the man's widow, Anneli Auer, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime. In a shock decision, she was freed on appeal last July, with an appeals court in Vaasa ruling that there had not been sufficient evidence to convict her.

In September Auer was re-arrested along with her former boyfriend on charges of sexual abuse and other violent crimes, alleged to have occurred between 2004 and 2009.

Auer denies claims as fantasy

Meanwhile prosecutors appealed last July's decision, with court documents outlining his belief that injuries sustained by the man suggest the crime could have been part of a satanic ritual. The documents also claim that there were incidents of skin cutting and animal sacrifices in the family.

In a prison interview with the commercial broadcaster Nelonen on Wednesday, Auer denied any involvement or interest in Satanism. She said the claims were based on testimony from her children, which she dismissed as sheer fantasy. She said she had not heard of the markings allegedly found on her late husband's body.

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