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Youth Protest Against Greek Government

Protesters marched along Helsinki’s Aleksanterinkatu Friday afternoon in a show of solidarity for ongoing demonstrations against the Greek government.

Helsingin Aleksanterinkatua marssineet osanottajat ilmaisivat tukensa Kreikan mielenosoittajille. Image: YLE

A group of about 40 mainly Finnish young protesters took to the streets from about 2.30 pm, near the Greek Embassy where they staged a small roadblock. From there they advanced along Aleksanterinkatu and Keskuskatu to Senate Square and the railway station. The demonstration ended around 5.00 pm, when the protesters split up.

Police Inspector Kirsi Ahava said that the event seemed to have been organised by private individuals. She added that the ongoing unrest in Greece had sparked similar demonstrations in Helsinki.

However, Ahava pointed out that the demonstrations had proceeded peacefully and only caused temporary traffic disruptions. On Unionkatu one intersection had been blocked, but police were tipped off about the incident via the Internet.

Greece was wracked by violent demonstrations last week, in which protesters called on the government to step down. The riots began just under two weeks ago, when a 15-year old boy was shot by police in during a clash.

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