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Food Industry Strike Cancelled; Deal Reached

The open-ended food industry strike which was scheduled to begin Tuesday has been cancelled. The union narrowly approved the deal Monday evening with a vote of 17 to 16, with the employers' approval coming later the same night.

Puolityhjiä hyllyjä ruokakaupassa.
Image: YLE

The compromise presented by state labour mediator Esa Lonka is a four-year deal that includes a total raise in the first year of 1.5 percent. Index-related pay hikes will follow thereafter.

Employers did not get one key point they were pushing for: the option of ten-hour shifts and six-day working weeks. Instead, the two sides agreed that the baking sector, at least, could adopt a voluntary basis for extended working schedules. This will be arranged on a site-by-site basis.

The question of schedules was not resolved for the meat-producing sector, but the two sides agreed to address that issue in a separate task force.

This issue had been the major sticking point between the two sides.

Fourth Proposal Accepted

Earlier, negotiating teams from both the Finnish Food Workers’ Union SEL and the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation unanimously recommended acceptance of the deal.

The Finnish Food Workers' Union earlier rejected three settlement proposals put forward by National Conciliator, Esa Lonka.

If the strike had gone on, it would have continued indefinitely until an agreement on wages and conditions was reached.

Employees at the Hartwall brewery in Lahti staged a one-day strike on Sunday evening. The walkout was in protest against management's announcement that it would have kept the plant open even if the strike were to start. About 350 Hartwall employees were off the job.

Sources: YLE

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