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Finnair starts Flybe-related employee consultations

Around a third of Finnair's European traffic is being shifted to Flybe. Cabin service operations reductions in Finland may total up to 120 man-years.

Finnairin lentokoneen turbiini.
Finnairin lentokoneen turbiini. Image: Yle

Finnair announced Monday that the company will start consultations on its plans to adjust its cabin service operations, including potential temporary layoffs of a maximum of 90 days in the cabin service unit. Finnair has altogether 1700 cabin attendants working in Finland.

Finnair says it needs to start consultations with personnel regarding reductions and temporary lay-offs, as one third of its European traffic is planned to be transferred to Flybe Finland, which will result in less work being available for cabin attendants at Finnair.

The company will propose to 120 Embraer-qualified cabin attendants that they use their legal right to transfer to Flybe in connection with the business transfer and thus ensure the continuity of their employment.

The plan for adjusting cabin service personnel is comprised of temporary layoffs, pension arrangements and redundancies.

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