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Festival patrons spend big money on hotels

Summer festivals can see hotel prices rise by as much as 300 percent. Festival goers looking for a single night’s stay can find themselves paying for several nights.

Jazz-yleisöä vuonna 2011 Porin Kirjurinluoto Arenassa.
Image: Katja Halinen / Yle

The average price of a hotel room in July is 80 euros. Patrons make as many as half a million stays in the main festival month.

Summer concerts and festivals offer patrons a break from everyday life. They also provide hoteliers with an opportunity to cash in on the festive season.

Now in its 47th year, the Pori jazz festival has seen hotel prices triple during the event, with the biggest hotel chains charging up to 265 euros per night for a room.

The situation is no different in Jyväskylä, where hotel prices can double when motor sport events take over the northern city. A room that normally costs under 100 euros per night can set motoring enthusiasts back as much as 230 euros per night at the Sokos hotel chain.

“This is understandable for the biggest sporting event in the Nordics and it’s a very important event for the city and its hotel chains. We now have an additional 15 percent (hotel room) capacity in Jyväskylä, so the offering is wider and more diverse,” said hotel director Hannu Nirkkonen.

No one-night stays

During the Jyväskylä summer festival season visitors are not able to book rooms for just one night. Patrons must make reservations for at least three nights, setting them back a neat 600 euros in the process.

“Of course everyone wants the best possible profit, so that’s critical too. But beyond that we want to serve those who want to have a long term stay. If we sell one-night stays, then it’s difficult to provide accommodation for those who need it for a week,” said Katriina Pilppula of the Yöpuu hotel chain.

Summer events also cause the cost of accommodation to double in Seinäjoki. It’s still possible to book a room for under 200 euros during Finland’s popular Tango song festival, but it must be done well in advance.

Sources: Yle

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