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Online banking scam targets OP-Pohjola Group

A number of customers of OP-Pohjola Group’s internet banking service have fallen victim to an online scam. A fraudulent confirmation request has lead to some clients’ funds being transferred to Spain.

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Many OP-Pohjola Group clients have lost money through the online banking scam this summer. By asking for confirmation codes through fake requests, criminals have been able to access clients’ funds.

Last week criminals were successful in transferring a client’s funds to Spain, after the person had given a confirmation code when prompted to do so by a message that seemed authentic.

Just under ten such cases were reported during the summer.

Kai Koskela, responsible for OP-Pohjola Group’s online banking, advises clients to be cautious and vigilant in terms of anything out of the ordinary.

“If you are suspicious of something, you should get in touch with customer service to check if what you’ve encountered is an attempted scam or just some change to the internet service,” Koskela advises.

OP-Pohjola Group has about 1.5 million clients using its online banking services.

Sources: Yle

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