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Opposition backs Minister's eurozone statements

The leaders of the two main opposition parties expressed satisfaction with statements by Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja to the effect that Finland is preparing contingency plans for the possibility of a break-up of the eurozone.

Centre Party chairman Juha Sipilä told YLE that some reaction from within the cabinet on Tuomioja's statements looks to be one reflection of tensions between coalition partners as nationwide municipal elections approach.

Sipilä was pleased to hear that contingency plans in the case of a eurozone break-up have been considered.

"I've been worried about a policy with no options, and I don't think that a discussion of alternatives will hurt anyone," said Sipilä.

Sipilä also considered it unusual that Tuomioja criticized key inside players in the EU.

"It would be interesting to know what the position of the Finnish government is on this, since differing opinions were heard today. Apparently, something is dividing the cabinet on the issue of the euro," commented the Centre Party leader.

Sipilä added the view that while dealing with the eurocrisis, Finland should look in which direction it is headed.

"Development of a federal state is now fairly obvious and talk on its behalf has picked up. In Finland, there should be serious consideration whether this is also the path for Finland."

Soini: Be prepared for anything

According to Finns Party chairman Timo Soini, Finland should be prepared for any and all contingencies regarding the euro.

"Indeed there should be preparations for all the alternatives, also the break-up of the eurozone, because this policy of subsidies is unsustainable," Soini stated.

Soini noted that his own comments in an interview with the same British newspaper, The Telegraph, were quoted correctly, but there is a problem with headlines that are formulated to "sell".

"If you look, for example, how the markets reacted, this was nothing new," pointed out Timo Soini.

The minor storm surrounding Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja's remarks on Friday was the second time in recent months that the international media misinterpreted statements by a Fininsh SDP cabinet member. The Finns Party leader urged caution in giving statements.

"One should be careful, but I haven't noticed that anything has been misquoted," he said, regarding his own experiences with the international media.

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