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Anette Olzon and Nightwish part company

Vocalist Anette Olzon is leaving the band Nightwish. In a press statement put out by the band on Monday, it said there was a "division from which we cannot recover."

Nightwish keikka 03032012 Vuokattihallissa Marco Hietala Jukka Nevalainen Anette Olzon
Image: Paula Hiljanen / Yle

However, the band plans to go ahead with its programme of concerts with Olzon being replaced by Dutch singer Floor Jensen. She has earlier been with the bands Forever and ReVamp.

In the press statement, both the band and Olzon say they are pleased with their time together and for gigs played during that time.

Nightwish is currently on tour in the US, where Olzon recently missed a concert after being hospitalised. Jensen took over lead vocals beginning with Monday evening's show in Seattle.

Olzon joined the band in 2007 taking over from Tarja Turunen after she was fired from the band. 

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