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Yle increases programme subtitling

Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, is to increase Finnish language subtitling during election programmes and on its Areena service.

Ylen linkkitorni nähtynä Ison pajan katon takaa.
Image: Seppo Sarkkinen / Yle

Foreign documentary programmes with a Finnish language commentary will also be broadcast with an option to choose the original soundtrack.

Subtitles will be added to the local election results service marathon broadcast on October 28. Viewers will also be able to view the live election debates with subtitles the following day.

Subtitling helps the hard of hearing and those who do not wish to increase the volume while viewing. The service is also of help to those learning Finnish.  Subtitles can be found via Yle text-tv or the Yle Areena internet service.

Yle subtitled in Finnish 66.5 percent of all domestic programmes during the period from January to August. The company has a legal obligation to subtitle 60 percent.

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