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New order for Turku shipyard

German company TUI Cruises has ordered its second vessel from the STX shipyard in Turku. Work on the new ship will start next summer, with the liner expected to be ready in spring 2015.

TUI Exterior.
Image: TUI Cruises

Both vessels ordered by TUI Cruises will be nearly 300 metres long and will accommodate 2,500 passengers each.

The two orders will bring 11,000 man-years worth of work to the shipyard.

"This second vessel will guarantee employment until spring 2015. I'd say that this is a victory in terms of employment for the shipyard's entire personnel and for those who have been engaged in active work in various tasks during this project," says Jari Anttila, Director of STX Finland Turku Shipyard.

Construction of the first liner ordered by TUI Cruises began on Monday, and it is to be completed in spring 2014.

Anttila says that the shipyard can increase its capacity in case new orders come in.

"Work on the first ship begins now. It's a great moment, and we're constantly working towards securing future orders," he notes.

The Turku shipyard is currently also building a new passenger ferry for cruise operator Viking Line.

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