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Authors call for bigger compensation for library loans

Finnish authors have asked Culture Minister Paavo Arhinmäki to raise the fees they get each time a book is checked out from a library. Some 5,300 people have signed the appeal, organised by the Finnish copyright society Sanasto.

Tuusniemen uusittu kirjasto sisältä
Image: Anja Hiltunen / Yle

The campaign is backed by, among others, Juha Itkonen, Kjell Westö and Anna Kortelainen. They want to see compensation in Finland rise to similar levels as in other Nordic countries.

Each time a book is borrowed from a Finnish library, the author receives four cents. Authors claim that is not enough to compensate them for the work that goes into producing literature.

”Library loan fees are about authors’ possibilities to live from their work, which in a small language area like Finland’s is very challenging,” said Itkonen in a statement on Sanasto’s website.

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