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SDP's Lindtman demands govt transparency in STX deal

Second Deputy Chair of SDP and MP Antti Lindtman demands that the government make public its reasons for refusing the 50 million euro loan to STX Finland. The Turku shipyard claims the requested loan would have helped it secure the order of a luxury cruise liner that it lost to France.

Antti Lindtman at an election panel in October 2012.
Antti Lindtman (SDP) vaalipaneelissa lokakuussa 2012. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

The government and its Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori have come under attack from the opposition and shipyard industry in the aftermath of losing the cruiser order in the past week. However, the government has not yet given detailed explanations as to the reasons behind the refusal of the loan, appealing to trade secrets.

In an interview with Yle, first-term MP and secondDeputy Chair of SDP Antti Lindtman said he hoped the government would openly share all the details relating to the decision. According to Lindtman, this would enable citizens to make better informed evaluations of government actions in the case.

Minister Vapaavuori has promised to shed more light on the government’s decision to the Finance Committee of the Parliament at the start of the year.

Lindtman is also looking forward to getting more information on the matter from the Finance Committee hearing.

On Saturday, Emeritus professor Jorma Taina demanded the government disclose their grounds for the STX decision. In Taina's view, the obligation to maintain secrecy that the government has appealed to does not apply any longer since the ship order went to STX France.

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