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Finland's largest wind power farm to be built in Pori

The west coast town of Pori will soon be home to Finland’s largest wind power farm.

Tuulimyllyn lavat taivasta vasten.
Image: Mihalis Kouloumbis / Yle

Wind power sector firm Tulliwatti is to construct a 54 megawatt wind power facility just to the north of Pori by the end of summer 2015. The investment value for a joint venture between utilities St1 and S-Voima is some 75 million euros.

A total of twelve 4.5 megawatt wind power plants will be built on the site.

The Pori region of western Finland is of prime significance for the Tuuliwatti company. The company began wind power production in the area with a three megawatt facility back in 2010. It is also constructing wind power plants in other parts of the region.

Sources: Yle

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