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Petition to save Finland’s shipbuilders

Concerned citizens in Finland are signing up to a petition calling on government to save Finland’s shipbuilding industry. A sister shipyard in France owned by the South Korean ship builder STX recently beat Finland in a bid for a multi-million euro luxury cruise liner offer, endangering thousands of jobs.

STX Europen Turun telakka 18. joulukuuta.
Työntekijä STX Europen Turun telakalla 18. joulukuuta. Image: Tatu Lertola / Lehtikuva

An online petition set up last Friday to save Finland’s shipyards has already gathered nearly 1,500 digital signatures.

Supporters of the petition are calling on government to safeguard the future of the local shipbuilding industry by becoming a shareholder in shipyards. They also want the business community to support the sector.

The petitioners point out that it is important to upkeep marine industry expertise in Finland. They also claim that Finland currently has the world’s best shipbuilding industry.

Last month the STX Finland’s Turku shipyard announced the start of retrenchment talks shortly after it lost a lucrative order for a Royal Caribbean cruise liner to a sister shipyard in France.

Link to the petition (in Finnish).

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