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Poll: government parties retain support

The latest opinion poll commissioned by Yle shows support for the National Coalition party and Social Democrats is slightly on the rise. The poll carried out by Taloustutkimus in January also showed almost a quarter of Finnish men would vote for the Finns Party.

Image: Yle Newsgraphics / Taloustutkimus

Support  for the National Coalition stands at 21.9 percent, a rise of 0.9 percent since last month’s poll while that for the SDP is at 18.7 percent, up by 0.8 percent. Support for the Greens is slightly up at 8.9 percent while that for the Left Alliance remains unchanged at 7.9 percent.  The Swedish People's Party stands at 3.9 percent with the Christian Democrats trailing at 3.1 percent.

As the current administration approaches the halfway point in the current parliament, government parties have managed to increase their support a little while opposition parties appear to remain at the level of the last general election.  

Support for the opposition Centre Party dropped by 0.7 percent to 17.1 percent while that for the Finns Party was down by 0.3 percent to stand at 17.7 percent.

The poll also reveals that almost a quarter of Finnish male voters would vote for the Finns Party. Only one in nine women voters said they would do the same.

The conservative National Coalition is the choice of women and the young. Middle aged voters prefer either the National Coalition or Finns Party while among the over-fifties, the SDP was the party of choice. Pensioners tend to favour the Centre Party, the poll indicates.

A total of 3,405 people were interviewed for the poll in January. The margin of error was 1.4 percentage points.

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