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Fake police officer requesting credit card details

Helsinki police have issued a warning of fraudulent phone calls requesting banking and credit card details. The calls have been made by a man presenting himself as a police officer named Juha Korpela, Juho Korpela or Juha Raven Elin.

lankapuhelin pöydällä
Image: Matti Asikainen / Yle

According to the Helsinki Police Department, there are no police officers with those names.

On Saturday morning, Helsinki Police received a dozen calls in connection with the inquiries.

Most of the calls were received by elderly individuals. The man asked for bank account balances, bank and credit card details and even bank account access codes.

One woman, phoned after midnight, was told to empty her account and bring home the money, because there was a risk that her bank would be targeted by an online attack.

The Helsinki Police Department emphasizes that it never asks for bank account or credit card information.

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