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Marimekko designer confesses plagiarism

Marimekko in-house designer Kristina Isola has admitted to copying the work of another artist for a design used by the iconic Finnish fashion chain.

Kristina Isola.
Kristina Isola. Image: Marimekko

Following reports by the daily Helsingin Sanomat that her design Metsänväki (“Forest Dwellers”) print for Finnish fashion chain Marimekko appeared to be a copy of a 1963 painting by Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko, designer Kristina Isola came clean on her act of plagiarism.

“I didn’t think about copyright or that I appropriated someone else’s creative work. “Forest folk” felt so close to me and I wanted to share that forest feeling with as many people as possible,” she said.

“I understand now that my actions were wrong and I regret and am ashamed of what I did,” Isola said in a statement.

The artist added that she regretted any inconvenience she may have caused Marimekko.

Kristina Isola is the daughter of the late Maija Isola, who was one of Marimekko's main designers in its 1960s heyday.

She also apologised to the company and its customers.

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