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Bad credit at near-record level

The number of people getting bad consumer credit ratings because of non-payment of bills has shot up alarmingly. The credit information agency Suomen Asiakastieto says that its listings of bad credit risks may soon reach a new record level.

Seteli ja lasku.
Image: Anssi Leppänen / Yle

According to Suomen Asiakastieto, at the end of June, 356,100 people in the country had earned themselves bad consumer credit ratings. This is close to 8% of the population over the age of 18. In the past year, the bad credit registry has expanded by 5%.

The all-time record was set in 1997, when 368,000 people had a black mark against their names.

According to the credit agency, most cases involve non-payment of overdrawn accounts, consumer bank loans and instant credit loans.

Payment problems have affected all age groups, but especially people over the age of 65 are increasingly being seen on the bad credit listing.

Sources: Yle

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