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Refugee reception centre cuts not impacting Helsinki

Nationwide cuts in the number of spots available at refugee reception centres have not affected facilities in the capital, where about half of available resources are presently in use.

Image: Yle

According to Deputy Director Heta Puronen of the Punavuori reception centre, facilities there and at the centre in the Kallio district of the city currently house around 120 asylum seekers. Total capacity for the two centres is 400.

Puronen told Yle that international crises, such as the conflict in Syria, are not being reflected in an upsurge in refugees. 

This summer, the Finnish Immigration Service has cut the number of spots at refugee reception centres nationwide by more than 200, even though arrivals have edged up this year.

Immigration Service Chief Inspector Veikko Pyykkönen says that up to July 16% more refugees and asylum seekers entered the country than during the same period of 2012.

So far this year, 1700 people have applied for asylum in Finland.

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