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MTV3: Finns Party Vaasa rep suspected of pimping

A Finns Party representative from the Vaasa City branch is suspected of procuring prostitution, according to commercial broadcaster MTV3. The issue is linked to the publication of a National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) enquiry into a pimping ring operating throughout Estonia and Finland.

Kansanedustaja Maria Tolppanen.
Image: Merja Siirilä / Yle

The NBI on Thursday announced a broad investigation of the hustling activities, which are apparently widespread throughout Finland. According to information gathered by MTV3 news, a branch of activities in Vaasa has come under the spotlight, and a Finns Party representative is embroiled in the case. MTV3 reported that a total of three suspects had been detained in relation to the matter at the start of summer, including a Finns Party representative.

The NBI’s enquiry head, Paavo Tuominen, acknowledges that the police are investigating pimping activities in Vaasa. However, the investigation is ongoing and the identity of suspects is not yet being revealed. According to Tuominen, the case revolves around one apartment that has been used in connection with the procurement of prostitution for the last year.

The offence is either aggravated procurement or procurement.

Finns Party condemns hustling and human trafficking

Yle contacted Finns Party MP Maria Tolppanen, who is also based in Vaasa. She said that the news comes from left-field and that she does not know on whom the suspicions have landed. According to Tolppanen, if the issue is pimping, it is a very serious matter. She says that cases of procurement always also involve the issue of human trafficking and that the Finns Party condemns both crimes.

Vaasa’s Finns Party political group chairperson, Matti Vahtera, was informed of the matter on Friday. According to him, the case is certain to cause debate within the party. He stated that if suspicions were proved correct then the issue is so serious that the representative will not be let off lightly.

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