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"Kiss-in" protest targets Russian Embassy

Activists followed up Saturday’s rainbow crossing protest with a "kiss-in" demonstration at the Russian Embassy in Helsinki Sunday. Protesters say the stunt was not anti-Russian, but was meant to show opposition to perceived anti-gay legislation in Russia.

Ihmisiä kadulla
Ihmisiä kerääntyneenä Venäjän suurlähetystön eteen. Image: Kristiina Tolkki / Yle

A group of about 150 protestors gathered outside the Russian Embassy in Helsinki Sunday for a demonstration against new legislation in Russia banning the distribution of gay propaganda to children.

Sunday’s protest action took the form of a "kiss-in", in which same-sex couples exchanged kisses. The stunt was part of a global event that took place in more than 50 cities.

The protesters say they are not opposing Russia, rather the controversial new law, which many perceive as being anti-homosexual.

On Friday night protesters transformed the zebra crossing in front of the Embassy into a rainbow crossing by painting it in the colours of the rainbow, a common symbol for the global gay movement.

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