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Friday's papers: Finnair strike talks, likelihood of Talvivaara bankruptcy

Talks aimed at averting a strike that could shut down Finnair operations on Friday dominated the front pages of the Finnish newspaper press.

Finnairin siipi kuvattuna ikkunan läpi.
Image: Kimmo Mäntylä / Lehtikuva

Like most of the nation's newspapers, the Friday morning print edition of Helsingin Sanomat headlined the possible impact of a strike threat against Finnair scheduled for 3 PM this afternoon. Its online service updated the story with the news that National Conciliator Esa Lonka has presented a compromise proposal aimed at averting the strike.

Aamulehti reports that the Helsinki Court of Appeals will be issuing a ruling today in a murder case of an 8 year-old girl in the capital. A lower court found the girl's father and step-mother guilty, but they continue to claim that the child's death was accidental.

The Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet looks at fears that the Talvivaara mining company may be facing bankruptcy, after work by a subcontractor company was halted on Thursday. Talvivaara, it notes, warned last week that the company is threatened by reorganization or bankruptcy if additional funding cannot be arranged and that the company may have the liquidity for only another 2-3 weeks of operations.

Sources: Yle

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