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Independent Yle Sámi TV news kicking off in December

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle will begin a wholly in-house produced TV news service in the Sámi language as of December 2nd. Yle Ođđasat will be seen daily, nationwide, at 3:10 PM on Yle TV1.

Yle Ođđasiid ođaslohkkit Aletta Lakkala (gur.), Kaisa Aikio ja Rosa-Máren Magga.
Image: Vesa Toppari / Yle

Starting on December 2nd, audiences can see the new Yle Sámi language news broadcast "Yle Ođđasat" weekdays at 3:10 PM, following Yle News in English.

Up until now, and continuing in future, Yle also provides TV news for the indigenous Sámi population jointly produced by public service broadcasters in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The new Yle service will expand the present offerings from the Yle Sápmi unit based in Inari, that include morning and afternoon radio news broadcasts, online news in the three Sámi languages spoken in Finland and the joint Nordic TV news broadcast seen on weekday evenings.

Yle's Sámi language online service.

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