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Buried treasure found in Jämsä

Amateur archaeologists have discovered a large number of rare Iron Age artefacts near Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

Jämsästä löydettyä rautakautista esineistöä. Image: Jori Asikainen / Yle

Veikko Kuusmik, an amateur archaeologist from Jyväskylä, found the treasure trove in Jämsä using a metal detector. He stumbled on a previously unknown Iron Age burial ground close to the Jämsänjoki River.

The find contains many items from the 600-1300 AD period, some of which were apparently damaged during cremation rites. There were jewellery fragments and even weighing scales, suggesting that one of the graves may have been that of a merchant.

"Yes, this is treasure here," said Miikka Kumpulainen of the Museum of Central Finland in Jyväskylä. "It’s rare to find this many artefacts in one place."

The pick of the finds is, according to the museum, a decorative silver spoon from the early 17th century. The hoard will be on show at the museum in Jyväskylä for four days at the start of December, before the artefacts are sent for conservation work.

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