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Mannerheim film’s losses in the millions

The beleaguered Finnish mega-production Mannerheim has incurred debts of nearly seven million euros, as revealed by the bankrupt’s estate administration. Dozens of creditors await money from Liberty Production, the company set up for the film.

Mannerheimia esittävä Mikko Nousiainen 20-vuotiaana Mannerheimina vasemmalla ja 55-vuotiaana Mannerheimina oikealla.
Mannerheimin esittäjäksi valittu Mikko Nousiainen 20-vuotiaana Mannerheimina vasemmalla ja 55-vuotiaana Mannerheimina oikealla. Image: Solar Films

Liberty Production was filed for bankruptcy last October over its ambitious project on Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim that failed to take flight. Filming on the biopic was suspended in 2009 amid financial problems.

Renny Harlin was originally pencilled in to direct the movie, before he pulled out in 2011 and was replaced by Dome Karukoski.

According to the estate administration, Liberty Productions has incurred debts of 6 972,000 euros.

“There are tens of creditors, but we’re not talking of hundreds,” confirms bankruptcy trustee Lassi Nyyssönen.

Finnish producer mogul Markus Selin and his companies have the biggest claims. Nyyssönen declines to give exact figures, though these amount to “millions of euros”.

The state owned investment company Finnvera has claims of 1.6 million euros. In 2010, Finnvera gave Liberty Production a 1.2 million euro bank loan guarantee. Over the years, expenses and interest have increased the sum by hundreds of thousands of euros. It was Finnvera that filed for bankruptcy in October 2013.

Film is on hold

Liquidator Lassi Nyyssönen says that the realization of the company’s estate is presently being investigated. The bankrupt's estate may attempt to sell the film’s script to raise funds.

The expectations are low, though, as the dividends possibly yielded by the script are small, according to Nyyssönen.

Solar Films CEO Jukka Helle and producer Markus Helin would not comment on the liquidation. Asked about the status of the film on Finland’s illustrious war hero and president, Selin said: “The project is on hold for now”:

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