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Supo suspects Finn dead in Syria fighting

The Finnish Security Police Supo suspect that a Finnish national may have died in civil unrest in Syria. However they have not yet received official confirmation of the death.

Syyrialainen kapinallistaistelija.
Image: EPA

Supo said it is possible that a Finnish man who reportedly left Finland for Syria may have died in fighting there. However the country’s intelligence unit has not yet received any official communication about the case.

"We have information that this might have happened, but it is not officially confirmed information," said Security and Regional Unit head Kari Harju, adding that the information came via social media.

Finland’s largest circulation daily Helsingin Sanomat first reported the case Saturday. The information about the death of the Finn allegedly came from the Twitter account of an extreme Islamist organization known as Isis, the paper reported.

According to Helsingin Sanomat the 20-year old Finn was a resident of the Helsinki metropolitan area and had converted to Islam. His parents were also said to be Finns.

Supo said that dozens of Finns had left Finland for Syria, some of them to fight. Harju told Yle that Finnish officials presume that the deceased young man also intended to participate in the civil strife.

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