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Unlocking doors with a fingerprint

Finnish company Idolo has developed a key-less door that opens with fingerprint detection and does not require electricity, unlike many other biometric locks.

The keyless future of doors? Image: Matti Kauvo / Yle

Locks that open using fingerprint detection have previously been largely dependent on electricity. Pori-based Idolo has developed a lock that opens by fingerprint detection and does not require electricity.

"The largest challenge has been combining the mechanics with fingerprint detection and ensuring their security. The technology is inside the door, so it can’t be manipulated from the outside and stays safe from the elements," says Rami Kivistö of Idolo.

"In the reader, we use an active measuring device that creates a 3D-model. It also detects a live finger - you can’t get in with a picture of the finger or a severed finger," says Kivistö.

The fingerprints of up to 250 users can be programmed into the device, which has been in the works since 2008 and received funding from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

A little bit of dirt does not matter, but a lot will hinder the device's functioning.

The invention has been approved by insurance companies. Only the outer doors of businesses are still required to leave a space for a regular key lock. For homes, it’s not mandatory.

“We have created this for regular families for normal usage,” says Kivistö. The price of fingerprint detection lock is currently in the 1,000-euro range.

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