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PISA: Finnish kids best problem-solvers in Europe

Finnish pupils have scored highly in the latest segment of PISA results, which focused on problem-solving. This section of the 2012 survey was an optional addition completed by pupils from 44 of the 65 countries in the PISA rankings.

Image: Yle

Finnish children scored highly enough to finish joint fourth out of OECD countries with Australia in the ranking, which made Finland the highest-performing European country in problem-solving. Ahead of Finland were South Korea, Japan and Canada.

15-year-olds from 44 countries participated in the optional part of the study out of 65 countries and regions participating in the wider PISA study. The tests focused on practical problem-solving using everyday situations, which were not directly linked to any school subject.

In general boys were more successful at problem-solving than girls, but in Finland the roles were reversed: girls did significantly better than boys. In all, some 3,700 pupils from 311 schools took part in the study.

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