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Tampere listed among top 10 unknown vacation spots

When the budget airline Ryanair announced that it would begin flying to Osijek in eastern Croatia, the British paper the Telegraph compiled a list of the airline’s other little-known destinations -- including Tampere in Finland.

Lenin patsas Lenin-museossa.
Image: Marjut Suomi / Yle

The Telegraph devotes a web page to an article (siirryt toiseen palveluun) with the title "_Ryanair: Ten holiday destinations you’ve never heard o_f". The list includes Finland’s Tampere, along with a series of nine other remote-sounding and unpronounceable locations such as Bydgoszcz and Rzeszow in Poland.

Apart from destinations in Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, Tampere also made the list of holiday spots off the beaten path, with the paper highlighting a local museum dedicated to the former communist leader Lenin as one of the town’s specialties.

The daily also wrote that at one time during its industrial era Tampere was affectionately dubbed “Little Manchester”. Other local attractions spotlighted by the paper were the Särkäniemi water park and the revolving restaurant, Näsinneula.

The Telegraph reported that it developed an interest in listing the obscure holiday destinations when the budget flier Ryanair announced it would be operating flights out of London to Osijek in Croatia.

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