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Defence contractor Patria to let go of 110 employees

Finnish defence contractor Patria announced on Thursday that it would let go of 110 employees at its Hämeenlinna and Tampere locations, although the division of redundancies and lay-offs between the two cities has not yet been decided. The company says it must resort to downsizing in order to maintain its competitive edge.

Patrian ajoneuvotehdas Hämeenlinnassa heinäkuussa 2004.
Image: Mika Kanerva

Patria plans to reduce its number of total employees by 110 persons. Significant lay-offs are also in the pipeline, the result of recently finalized co-determination talks.

Patria’s Land Business Unit Director Mika Kari is still not able to say how the job cuts and lay-offs will be distributed among the company’s two operating venues, but the effect will in any case be more pronounced in Hämeenlinna, which is home to 400 employees. Some one hundred workers now work at Patria’s Tampere location.

The redundancies and lay-offs will be implemented yet this year, beginning as early as June.

Securing competitive advantage

Patria says the lay-offs are due to a slowdown in its orders stock. The company seeks to safeguard its competitive advantage, while at the same time preserving its key competencies.

In addition, a maximum of 150 Patria employees will be laid off at the end of the year. Lay-offs will be for either a fixed or temporary period, according to the need for capacity.

Separate co-determination talks were held earlier this spring at Patria’s Sastamala plant, which is now being threatened with closure.

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