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Have you come up against unfair hiring practices in Finland?

This week Yle reported that some overseas academics believe they have been discriminated against when applying for permanent positions. Share your experiences with us about whether being a foreigner has affected your ability to land a job - for better or for worse.

Image: Raila Paavola / Yle

On Monday Yle News reported claims that some overseas academics are finding it hard to get appointed to permanent posts in Finnish universities.

And last week the European Commission said it will refer Finland to the European Court of Justice over the way it deals with potential victims of racial discrimination in the workplace.

Now we’d like to hear your stories from all job fields – have you come up against what you consider to be closed hiring practices? Do you believe your nationality has hindered your ability to find employment? Or have you found that being a foreigner in Finland has actually boosted your career?

Share your experiences below!

Please remember that we are unable to publish allegations against specific, named or easily identifiable organisations and individuals.

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