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Mannerheim Cross worth 40,000 euros stolen from museum

A medal with an estimated value of 40,000 euros has been stolen from a museum in the eastern town of Mikkeli.

Vapaudenristin 2. luokan Mannerheim-risti
Vapaudenristin 2. luokan Mannerheim-risti

The highly-prized 2 class Mannerheim Cross medal was stolen from the Mikkeli Infantry Museum at some point over the last month. Eastern Finland police are investigating the theft as a case of suspected robbery.

The 2 class Mannerheim cross medal is in practice the most distinguished honour a Finnish soldier can receive, as the 1 class medal has only been awarded twice, to Mannerheim himself and Infantry General Erik Heinrichs.

The medal has been awarded a total of 197 times between 1941 and 1945 to a total of 191 different recipients.

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