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Google acquires Helsinki startup "in 8-figure deal"

The Finnish company drawElements, which makes 3D graphics tools, posted on their website that they are "excited" to be joining the internet giant. The move follows acquisitions by Facebook of two home-grown startups earlier this year.

Image: © Google 2008

The search engine Google has purchased a Finnish company which produces a quality control tool for mobile 3D graphics.

The Helsinki-based drawElements, whose software allows developers to check that graphics meet the specifications of the wide range of Android devices, announced on their website that they are “very excited” to be joining the internet giant.

The value of the deal has not been made public, although the website ArcticStartup claim that the purchase price was eight figures. They report that drawElements’ management will move to Silicon Valley, but the remainder of the firm’s operations will stay in Finland.

The acquisition comes just weeks after two other Finnish-grown startups were snapped up by the social networking site Facebook.

Earlier this year the tech outfit acquired Pryte, which has been working on a service that could help bring people in the developing world online by selling short-term passes to access certain services to customers without data plans. Before that, Facebook purchased Finnish company ProtoGeo, which makes the Moves app, in April.

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