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Barcelona trounce HJK 6-0 at Olympic Stadium

Spanish league runner-up FC Barcelona steamrolled Finnish league table leaders HJK in an invitational match at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium Saturday. The home team came away licking their wounds after a resounding 6-0 defeat.

Yleisö oli reilusti HJK-Barselona-ottelussa
Image: Tomi Hänninen

Guests FC Barcelona wasted no time taking charge of the match, finding the back of the HJK net with two goals scored in quick succession in the fifth and ninth minutes of the game.

The home team never looked to threaten Barca, who maintained possession of the ball for the entire first half. The only time Finnish fans saw a faint glimmer of hope was with Joel Perovuo’s unsuccessful long shot at goal. By the time half time rolled around, the Spanish team had extended their lead to 4-nil.

The second half saw both teams shuffling the lineup to field several of their young bloods. It was a strategy that worked for Barca, who pulled even further ahead with a fifth goal in the 49th minute of the game.

The visitors hammered in the final nail with a sixth goal by substitute Sandro in the 82nd minute. Roughly 40,000 spectators gave the visiting team a rousing send-off at the end of the fixture.

_*This article was amended to cite Barcelona FC as La Liga runner-up, rather than champion. The current Spanish champion is in fact Atlético de Madrid. _

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