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Finnish youth opening up to 2nd hand shopping

A new survey shows that young people in Finland are becoming more positive about recycling and buying clothes and other items second hand. More than half of 15-30-year-olds have purchased used goods online.

Image: Facebook / Yle

Young Finns are enthusiastic recyclers and flea market rummagers, according to a new survey. The survey shows that online shopping has accelerated the trend towards second hand shopping, with social media also providing a new channel to source used items.

The national research found that more than half of all 15-30-year-olds--55 percent--had bought second hand goods online. Some 23 percent of those answering the survey said they preferred to buy from another individual rather than from a store.

“Recycling is especially evident online, as people are making much greater use of the possibilities of internet shopping,” said Pauli Komonen of 15/30 Research.

Facebook has lots of different kinds of second hand and recycling groups that also create new kinds of local cultures, neighbourhood cultures and groups linked to different life stages and lifestyles,” said Komonen. “People are finding new ways to source recycled items.”

The research shows that using second hand goods has become much less stigmatized in recent years. Some 38 percent of respondents said that before buying any new products they consider whether a recycled item might fit the bill instead.

It is no longer a sign of poverty but rather for many younger people second hand, vintage items have become hip. Some 37 percent of respondents said that they made a conscious effort to reduce their consumption.

In Finland several English-language Facebook groups have sprung up to help people looking to recycle their old items or spot a bargain, including Parents in Helsinki buy and sell and Finland IESAF Finland Buy & Sell.

15/30 Research used online responses from 1,000 15-30-year-olds for their research.

Sources: Yle

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